ORM Designer  v.

ORM Designer is a visual ERD database tool with full support of ORM frameworks based on XML or other structured markup language. ORM Designer was created to replace manually written kilobytes of text definitions with easy-to-use graphical interface.

ORM Studio Community Edition  v.1.5

ORM Studio provides Object-Role Modeling at its finest. Analyse and Design Relational and Graph Databases using ORM. This Community Edition of ORM Studio provides supports import and export of Fact-Based Models in their native .fbm format.


Portable ORM Designer  v.

ORM Designer is a visual database designing tool with full support of ORM frameworks.

Metro Orm  v.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Move the snake and collect all the gems while watching out for walls and the snake's tail. And don't let the tail catch the snake's head! Metro Orm begins a completely new era in the classic snake game scene.

PdoMap : the PHP ORM relational mapper  v.2.1.alpha

pdoMap is a robust PHP ORM mapper with many OOP features.

Super-light IoC ORM pipeline codegen  v.rc

idyuts is "I Dare You to Use This Shell"; a pre-hibernate approach to replacing an ORM written with jython functors into a pure-Java language command pattern.

SQL Orm  v.1.0.11

SQLOrm focuses on mediating database interaction rather than shielding the user from it.

LinqConnect  v.4.7

LinqConnect is a LINQ to SQL compatible ORM solution with extended functionality, support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, its own visual model designer, seamlessly integrating to Visual Studio, and SQL monitoring tool.

LinqConnect Express  v.4.20

LinqConnect Express is a free fast and easy to use ORM solution, developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL technology, and supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

LINQ Insight  v.3.00

LINQ Insight is a Visual Studio add-in that allows you to execute LINQ queries at design time directly from Visual Studio without starting a debug session. It provides a powerful ORM profiler tool for profiling the data access layer of your projects.

JDataset  v.1.2

The Simple Javascript ORM Framework, Pure Javascript Recordset.

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